Need Help Fixing Up Your Home?

Hire Enterprises Tex Tile to tackle your home restoration projects in Central Texas

Do you need help organizing and completing a home restoration project? Enterprises Tex Tile LLC is a home restoration company in Central Texas that provides home project management services.

If you need help cleaning up your home and ensuring that it's a safe, healthy environment, we can help. We have the equipment necessary to tackle small and large home restoration projects, including:

  • Air duct cleaning
  • Mold remediating
  • Home dehumidifying
  • Floor cleaning
  • Fire and smoke restoration
  • Water extraction and restoration
  • Demolition and construction
  • Power generation
  • Vandalism cleanup

We specialize in home project management. Contact us today to make sure your home restoration project gets completed the right way.

4 reasons why you should schedule water restoration services

4 reasons why you should schedule water restoration services

Enterprises Tex Tile offers water and fire restoration services to homeowners in Troy & Temple, TX and surrounding areas. Hire us to restore your home after severe water damage because we can:

  1. Repair your home's water damaged features quickly to prevent further damage and fungal growth
  2. Give you advice on which of your home's damaged features need to be thrown away or repaired
  3. Eliminate any mold we come into contact with
  4. Repair or replace any damaged features to return your home to its clean, safe state

Choose Enterprises Tex Tile when you need water and fire restoration services you can depend on.